You may be eligible to receive a payment from the Veritaseum Fair Fund if:
  • You acquired VERI for value between April 25, 2017 (the date VERI sales began) through August 14, 2019 at 12:01 a.m., EST, (the “Relevant Period”). This includes include anyone who received VERI for value, such as those who received VERI in exchange for Veritaseum “Class B” shares or Colored Coins
And you can certify you are not any of the following:
  1. A Defendant;
  2. A past or present director or officer of Defendants, or any of Defendants’ past or present affiliates who served in such a capacity during the Relevant Period and were directly involved in the conduct detailed in the Complaint;
  3. An employee or former employee of Defendants or of any of its past or present affiliates who has been terminated for cause in connection with the violations alleged in the Complaint or any related Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) action, or who was otherwise terminated or has resigned in connection with the violations alleged in the Complaint or any related SEC or criminal action;
  4. An affiliate, assign, creditor, heir, distributee, spouse, parent, child, or controlled entity of any of the foregoing persons or entities described in 1–3, above;
  5. A purchaser or assignee of another person's right to obtain a recovery from the Veritaseum Fair Fund, provided, however, that this provision shall not be construed to exclude those persons who obtained such a right by gift, inheritance, devise or operation of law; and
  6. The Distribution Agent, its partner, agent, or employee, and a person assisting the Distribution Agent in its role as the Distribution Agent.
To be considered for eligibility for a Veritaseum Fair Fund payment, you must provide information in this online form and submit a release through the Distribution Agent’s online claim system, located at Failing to upload and submit this information through the Distribution Agent’s online claim system so that it is completed, submitted, and received by the Bar Date set forth above may result in your claim being rejected and you being precluded from any recovery from the Fair Fund .
Timely submission of your claim does not guarantee you will be eligible for a distribution from the Fair Fund or that you will be compensated for your claimed loss.
Please fill out this claim form completely. After submission of the claim form, you may be requested to provide documentation to support your claim. Failing to completely fill out the claim form or timely provide all requested documentation will result in rejection of your claim.
Providing a valid email address is required as part of the claims validation process. Failure to provide a valid email address may result in rejection of your claim. Changes to your email address or any contact information must be promptly sent to the Distribution Agent via the contact methods listed at
This form requires you to specify all transaction hashes for Fair Fund tokens you acquired. This information is publicly available through any Ethereum blockchain viewer, such as Etherscan ( Instructions for locating transaction hashes are available at
You will be instructed via email to confirm control of any Ethereum addresses associated with your claimed transactions. Failure to confirm control of these addresses will result in rejection of your claims associated with those addresses.
Submitting your claim using this online claim form is the fastest method to determine your eligibility for a Fair Fund distribution. If necessary, you may request an alternative submission method or a filing time extension from the Distribution Agent via the contact methods listed at Any such request must be made before the Bar Date or you will be precluded from filing a claim.
Upon completion of its review of your claim, the Distribution Agent will email you a Claim Determination, informing you of its determination regarding your claim and defining your eligible loss amount, if any. The Claimant may seek reconsideration of a Claim Determination by following the instructions included with the Claim Determination.
Distribution amounts will be determined at a later date based on available Fair Fund assets. There is no guarantee you will be fully compensated for your loss.
Please Take Note: Our computer systems have been engineered to high standards to protect the confidentiality and safety of data, information and materials that you transmit to us over the Internet. However, you should be aware that there is some risk in transmitting data over the Internet. Before transmitting confidential information to us, please be sure that: (1) you are using the current version of your browser, (2) all updates have been installed on your computer, (3) your anti-virus software is up to date and (4) that you are transmitting over a trusted (private) network. By clicking on the button below, you acknowledge and accept the risk of transmitting data over the Internet.
The deadline for submitting a claim to the Veritaseum Fair Fund has expired. The online claim filing system is now closed. Individuals or entities with further questions should direct their correspondence to the Distribution Agent at: